Biological Psychiatry Press Releases


Heavy drinking in young adults tied to endocannabinoid pathway
January 18, 2023

Do the negative ways that others treat us contribute to later self-harm?
January 5, 2023

New support for a serotonin deficit in depression
December 15, 2022

Racism takes its toll on brain and body
December 13, 2022

New insights into lithium’s effectiveness for bipolar disorder
October 18, 2022

Timely interventions for depression might lower the future risk of dementia
October 17, 2022

Study identifies new links between REM sleep disturbances and drug relapse
July 26, 2022

Statins may provide protection against depression
May 17, 2022

Alzheimer’s pathology, not cognitive decline, drives neuropsychiatric symptoms
March 16, 2022

Depression and Alzheimer’s disease share genetic roots
February 17, 2022

Microglial methylation “landscape” in human brain
December 28, 2021

Addiction relapse driven by drug-seeking habit, not just drug
December 17, 2021

Abnormal brain changes over time with bipolar disorder
November 2, 2021

Synaptic dysfunction in schizophrenia
September 23, 2021

Mapping the brain circuitry of spirituality
August 31, 2021

Brain gene expression patterns altered by chronic opioid use
August 10, 2021

Antidepressants safe during pregnancy
June 24, 2021

Leptin puts the brakes on eating via novel neurocircuit
April 6, 2021

Rare mutations may have big impact on schizophrenia pathology
March 9, 2021

Noninvasive brain stimulation rescues cocaine-induced inflexibility in rats
February 16, 2021

Highly specific synaptic plasticity in addiction
January 26, 2021

For first-episode psychosis with NMDA blood antibodies, conventional treatment may be best course
December 17, 2020

Subtle inflammation in-utero contributes to mental health risks
December 15, 2020

"Goldilocks" neonatal immune response may protect against autism
November 10, 2020

Astrocytes build synapses after cocaine use in mice
October 15, 2020

Amyloid deposits not associated with depression in the elderly
September 23, 2020

Autistic people’s nerve cells differ before birth
August 24, 2020

Brain structural elements in psychiatric disorders
July 7, 2020

Chronic inflammation in pregnancy linked to childhood neurodevelopmental delays
February 25, 2020

Mood disorders on genetic spectrum
February 4, 2020

Genetics contributes to mental health risks in adoptees
January 29, 2020

Risk of psychotic disorders has disease-specific brain effects
August 20, 2019

Kappa opioid receptor influences naltrexone’s effects on drinking alcohol
August 6, 2019

Treatment targeted at a genetic mutation relieves psychosis symptoms
July 3, 2019

GWAS identifies new risk loci for harmful alcohol use
May 28, 2019

Anti-stress brain chemical is related to PTSD resilience after trauma
April 30, 2019

Advanced paternal age increases risk of early-onset schizophrenia in offspring
March 26, 2019

Deep brain stimulation sites for OCD target distinct symptoms
March 7, 2019

Menstrual cycle phase influences cocaine craving
March 5, 2019

Normal brain aging patterns occur at a faster rate in people with psychosis
February 7, 2019

BDNF–VEGF interplay key to rapid antidepressant actions
January 31, 2019

Copy number variants contribute to risk of “schizophrenia-like” bipolar disorder subtype
January 24, 2019

Epigenetics contribute to male and female differences in fear memory
January 17, 2019

Disrupted networks link overlapping cognitive deficits in psychiatric disorders
January 3, 2019

Researchers identify widespread brain alterations in children with callousness
December 13, 2018

Alterations in brain networks explain why some children are resilient to maltreatment
December 6, 2018

Eliminating microglia prevents heightened immune sensitivity after stress
December 4, 2018

Children who experience violence early in life develop faster
October 31, 2018

Researchers use brain cells in a dish to study genetic origins of schizophrenia
October 16, 2018

Cocaine addiction traced to increase in number of orexin neurons
September 12, 2018

Stress during pregnancy increases risk of mood disorders for female offspring
August 16, 2018

Male tobacco smokers have brain-wide reduction of CB1 receptors
August 15, 2018

Study identifies distinct origin of ADHD in children with history of brain injury
August 13, 2018

Childhood adversity increases susceptibility to addiction via immune response
July 17, 2018

Cocaine use alters gene expression in brain reward circuits
May 31, 2018

Prevalence of eating disorders taken from largest sample in the United States
May 30, 2018

Brain abnormality indicates general risk for mental illness
May 17, 2018

A new mechanism for neurodegeneration in a form of dementia
May 8, 2018

Parent-child communication in childhood enhances brain development and protects against harmful health behaviors in adulthood
May 3, 2018

Men and women have opposite genetic alterations in depression
March 13, 2018

Air pollution linked to brain alterations and cognitive impairment in children
March 8, 2018

New method extracts valuable information on psychiatric symptoms from electronic health records
February 26, 2018

GWAS identifies genetic alteration associated with opioid dependence
February 22, 2018

Male susceptibility to autism linked to male hormones in early-stage brain development
February 7, 2018

Food preservative enhances schizophrenia treatment
February 1, 2018

Postmortem schizophrenia study identifies shifts in patterns of glutamate and GABA in visuospatial working memory network
January 18, 2018

Study identifies brain circuit controlling social behavior
January 11, 2018

Family study emphasizes distinct origins for bipolar disorder subtypes
January 10, 2018