Erratum| Volume 93, ISSUE 3, P291-292, February 01, 2023


        Erratum to: “β-Amyloid Precursor Protein Intracellular Domain Controls Mitochondrial Function by Modulating Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog–Induced Kinase 1 Transcription in Cells and in Alzheimer Mice Models,” by Goiran et al. (Biol Psychiatry 2018; 83:416–427);
        The authors have recognized an inadvertent error in Figure 7. Specifically, the authors failed to acknowledge in the legend for Figure 7 that the image for the control condition (CT) in panel (A) is the same as the control condition (AAV-empty) in Figure 6B from their 2016 Acta Neuropathologica paper (, which was cited as reference 27.
        During the course of characterizing AAV-C99 and AAV-AICD-expressing mice, a confocal analysis was performed in June 2016. As a control, mice were infected with empty AAV on the same day and in strictly the same conditions (same virus titers, same site of injection) and referred to as AAV-empty in the 2016 paper and control in the 2018 paper. The labeling was performed the same day for AAV-empty, AAV-C99, and AAV-AICD with the same antibody APPCt (1/1000), which labels not only overexpressed APP-CTF and AICD but also endogenous APP. In these control conditions, the endogenous APP labeling is very weak, virtually undetectable, explaining why most of the images were taken from AAV-C99 and AAV-AICD-expressing mice.
        The images provided in the 2018 paper were intended to illustrate the previously and extensively demonstrated nuclear localization of AICD in a qualitative manner and not to quantify the protein level of AICD that has been done by a more quantitative approach (Western blot). Images were recorded with exactly the same acquisition parameters (same zoom, same objectives, same laser intensity). All the strictly similar experimental procedures have been extensively described in both papers in either the main body of the article or supplementary materials. Thus, the AAV-empty control image (middle lower panel in Figure 6B in Acta Neuropathologica) and the CT panel (upper left in Figure 7A in Biological Psychiatry) are effectively identical as they are the same control performed during this initial parallel characterization of AAV-C99 and AAV-AICD mice.
        Thus, the image provided in the 2018 Biological Psychiatry paper is scientifically sound and rigorously adequate, but because there was an almost 2-year interval in publishing the characterization of the C99 and AICD mice, the authors illustrated these common controls by inadvertently using the same image and without attribution. The authors apologize for this oversight.
        In sum, the control condition (CT) in Figure 7A of the Biological Psychiatry paper is identical to the control condition (AAV-empty) shown in Figure 6B in the Acta Neuropathologica paper, but the authors emphasize that the panel in question remains a basic illustration of the widely reported in the literature on AICD nuclear localization. The legend text of Figure 7 has been updated to indicate that this panel was previously published in reference 27.

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