Erratum to: “Dopaminergic Activity in Antipsychotic-Naïve Patients Assessed With Positron Emission Tomography Before and After Partial Dopamine D2 Receptor Agonist Treatment: Association With Psychotic Symptoms and Treatment Response,” by Sigvard et al. (Biol Psychiatry 2022; 91:236–245);
        The authors have recognized errors in Table 4. Specifically, this table displayed mean values of k3 and Ki estimates that were obtained via manual calculation of bilateral mean values, which was based on simple addition of left and right regions of interest (ROIs) in SPSS, but these values were not accurate. The table now reports the FreeSurfer-extracted bilateral values that were used in all statistical analyses.
        Table 4Mean Values of Decarboxylation Rate (k3) and Dopamine Synthesis Capacity From the Four-Parameter Model (Ki4p) and the Tissue Reference Method (Kicer) in Patients With FEP and HC Subjects
        RegionMean k3 Value, min−1Mean Ki4p Value, mL × g−1 × min−1Mean Kicer Value, mL × g−1 × min−1
        HC Subjects, n = 27FEP BL, n = 29FEP FU, n = 9HC Subjects, n = 27FEP BL, n = 29FEP FU, n = 9HC Subjects, n = 31FEP BL, n = 31FEP FU, n = 15
        Striatum.219 (.216).129 (.111).200 (.165).066 (.023).062 (.020).065 (.019).010 (.002).010 (.001).010 (.003)
        Putamen.182 (.197).105 (.081).167 (.166).069 (.024).064 (.020).067 (.020).010 (.002).010 (.001).011 (.003)
        Caudate.282 (.233).205 (.165).251 (.154).063 (.022).061 (.019).063 (.015).009 (.002).009 (.001).010 (.002)
        Nucleus accumbens.217 (.178).152 (.135).197 (.148).060 (.022).053 (.017).058 (.021).006 (.001).006 (.001).007 (.003)
        Values are presented as mean (SD).
        BL, baseline; FEP, first-episode psychosis; FU, 6-week follow-up; HC, healthy control.
        The authors wish to emphasize that the correct automated bilateral values were directly extracted from FreeSurfer and used in all analyses. Hence, all reported results are correct and unaltered.
        The corrected version of Table 4 is provided here.

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