Open AccessPublished:June 04, 2021DOI:
        Erratum to: “Reconciling Dimensional and Categorical Models of Autism Heterogeneity: A Brain Connectomics and Behavioral Study,” by Tang et al. (Biol Psychiatry 2020; 87:1071–1082);
        The authors have recognized an error in their paper. Specifically, the labels for Limbic A and Limbic B were mistakenly reversed. This error affects the labeling in Figure 1C, Figure 2C, and Figure 4A, where the colors for Limbic A and Limbic B should be reversed. This error also affects the legend text in Figure S2, where reference to Limbic A and Limbic B should have been to Limbic B and Limbic A, respectively. This error does not impact the conclusions of the study.
        The article has been updated with the corrected versions of Figures 1, 2, and 4, along with the corrected supplemental file.

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