The “In This Issue” feature in the November 1, 2009 issue of Biological Psychiatry (66:811) contained a factual error. In describing the Chen et al. article, we stated that the authors investigated postmortem hippocampal tissue, when in fact, they investigated postmortem hypothalamic tissue. The Journal apologizes for this error.

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            A new study of human brain tissue from suicide victims may provide insights into the neurobiology of suicide. Klempan et al. (pages 824–831) provide evidence for reduced QKI gene expression levels and levels of the QKI protein in the brains of suicide victims with major depression compared to controls, across multiple brain regions. No evidence of genetic or epigenetic changes in the vicinity of the QKI locus was identified. These alterations suggest that deficits in myelination-related pathways may underlie multiple psychiatric disorders.
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