A labeling error has been discovered in “Association of AKT1 with schizophrenia confirmed in a Japanese population” by Ikeda et al., which appeared in Biological Psychiatry, Volume 56, Number 9 (2004; 56:698–700). Specifically, for rs2494732 (SNP5), the identities of the common and rare frequency nucleotides were inadvertently reversed by the authors, so that G is replaced by A and vice versa.
        Thus, in the SNP ID column of Table 2 (page 699), the entry for SNP5 should read “G>A” rather than “A>G”. In the Marker Haplotype column of Table 3 (page 700) and in the discussion section, the G and A alleles for SNP5 should be reversed.
        The authors regret these labeling errors, which had no effect on the statistical results or their interpretation.

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