In the February 15 issue of Biological Psychiatry, Volume 61, Number 4, the article “Early Pharmacological Treatment of Autism: A Rationale for Development Treatment” by Bethea TC and Sikich L (Biol Psychiatry 2007;61:521–537) was incorrectly identified as an Original Article. It should have been identified as a Review Article.

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        • Early Pharmacological Treatment of Autism: A Rationale for Developmental Treatment
          Biological PsychiatryVol. 61Issue 4
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            Autism is a dynamic neurodevelopmental syndrome in which disabilities emerge during the first three postnatal years and continue to evolve with ongoing development. We briefly review research in autism describing subtle changes in molecules important in brain development and neurotransmission, in morphology of specific neurons, brain connections, and in brain size. We then provide a general schema of how these processes may interact with particular emphasis on neurotransmission. In this context, we present a rationale for utilizing pharmacologic treatments aimed at modifying key neurodevelopmental processes in young children with autism.
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