In Brief| Volume 60, ISSUE 10, Piv, November 15, 2006

Table of Contents

        1111 Methylphenidate Preferentially Increases Catecholamine Neurotransmission within the Prefrontal Cortex at Low Doses that Enhance Cognitive Function
        Craig W. Berridge, David M. Devilbiss, Matthew E. Andrzejewski, Amy F.T. Arnsten, Ann E. Kelley, Brooke Schmeichel, Christina Hamilton, and Robert C. Spencer
        1121 Juvenile Administration of Methylphenidate Attenuates Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis
        Diane C. Lagace, Jessica K. Yee, Carlos A. Bolaños, and Amelia J. Eisch
        1131 Behavioral and Electrophysiological Markers of Selective Attention in Children of Parents with a History of Depression
        Koraly Pérez-Edgar, Nathan A. Fox, Jeffrey F. Cohn, and Maria Kovacs
        1139 Mood Alters Amygdala Activation to Sad Distractors During an Attentional Task
        Lihong Wang, Kevin S. LaBar, and Gregory McCarthy
        1147 Acute Stress Reduces Reward Responsiveness: Implications for Depression
        Ryan Bogdan and Diego A. Pizzagalli
        1155 Human Choline Transporter Gene Variation Is Associated with Corticolimbic Reactivity and Autonomic-Cholinergic Function
        Serina A. Neumann, Sarah M. Brown, Robert E. Ferrell, Janine D. Flory, Stephen B. Manuck, and Ahmad R. Hariri

        Brief Report

        1163 Association between DRD4 Gene and Performance of Children with ADHD in a Test of Sustained Attention
        Christian Kieling, Tatiana Roman, Alysa E. Doyle, Mara Helena Hutz, and Luis Augusto Rohde


        1166 Regarding “Is Cigarette Smoking a Gateway to Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use Disorders? A Study of Youths with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”
        Mark S. Gold and Kimberly Frost-Pineda
        1166 Reply
        Joseph Biederman and Michael C. Monuteaux

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        1167 Full text or abstracts of the following articles, which are currently “in press” in Biological Psychiatry, are available on our website now…
        Cover illustration taken from Seidman et al, pages 1071–1080, in this issue.