In Brief| Volume 60, ISSUE 6, Piii-iv, September 15, 2006

Table of Contents


        527 Special Issue: Molecular Mechanisms of Schizophrenia
        Joseph I. Friedman and Kenneth L. Davis

        Priority Communication

        530 Galantamine Improves Cognition in Schizophrenic Patients Stabilized on Risperidone
        Max H. Schubert, Keith A. Young, and Paul B. Hicks

        Neuroscience Perspectives

        534 Making the Case for a Candidate Vulnerability Gene in Schizophrenia: Convergent Evidence for Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 4 (RGS4)
        Pat Levitt, Philip Ebert, Karoly Mirnics, Vishwajit L. Nimgaonkar, and David A. Lewis

        Original Articles

        538 Nur77 Gene Knockout Alters Dopamine Neuron Biochemical Activity and Dopamine Turnover
        François Gilbert, Marc Morissette, Michel St-Hilaire, Brigitte Paquet, Claude Rouillard, Thérèse Di Paolo, and Daniel Lévesque
        548 A Novel Missense Mutation in the Transmembrane Domain of Neuregulin 1 is Associated with Schizophrenia
        Consuelo Walss-Bass, Wei Liu, Debbie F. Lew, Ramon Villegas, Patricia Montero, Albana Dassori, Robin J. Leach, Laura Almasy, Michael Escamilla, and Henriette Raventos
        554 A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Fine Mapping Study of Chromosome 1q42.1 Reveals the Vulnerability Genes for Schizophrenia, GNPAT and DISC1: Association with Impairment of Sustained Attention
        Yu-Li Liu, Cathy Shen-Jang Fann, Chih-Min Liu, Wei J. Chen, Jer-Yuarn Wu, Shuen-Iu Hung, Chun-Houh Chen, Yuh-Shan Jou, Shih-Kai Liu, Tzung-Jeng Hwang, Ming H. Hsieh, Wen-Chen Ouyang, Hung-Yu Chan, Jiann-Jyh Chen, Wei-Chih Yang, Chin-Yu Lin, Sandy F.C. Lee, and Hai-Gwo Hwu
        563 Tryptophan Hydroxylase-1 Gene Variants Associated with Schizophrenia
        Ghazal Zaboli, Erik G. Jönsson, Rinat Gizatullin, Marie Åsberg, and Rosario Leopardi
        570 Novel, Replicated Associations Between Dopamine D3 Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Schizophrenia in Two Independent Samples
        Michael E. Talkowski, Hader Mansour, Kodavali V. Chowdari, Joel Wood, Allison Butler, Panchami G. Varma, Suman Prasad, Prachi Semwal, Triptish Bhatia, Smita Deshpande, Bernie Devlin, B.K. Thelma, and Vishwajit L. Nimgaonkar
        578 Prefrontal Electrophysiologic “Noise” and Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Genotype in Schizophrenia
        Georg Winterer, Michael F. Egan, Bhaskar S. Kolachana, Terry E. Goldberg, Richard Coppola, and Daniel R. Weinberger
        585 Altered Prefrontal Cortical Metabolic Response to Mesocortical Activation in Adult Animals with a Neonatal Ventral Hippocampal Lesion
        Kuei Y. Tseng, Fatema Amin, Barbara L. Lewis, and Patricio O’Donnell
        591 Developmental Vitamin D Deficiency Alters MK 801-Induced Hyperlocomotion in the Adult Rat: An Animal Model of Schizophrenia
        James P. Kesby, Thomas H.J. Burne, John J. McGrath, and Darryl W. Eyles
        597 Clozapine Enhances Prepulse Inhibition in Healthy Humans with Low But Not with High Prepulse Inhibition Levels
        Franz X. Vollenweider, Martine Barro, Philipp A. Csomor, and Jorame Feldon
        604 Dopaminergic Modulation of Semantic Priming in Healthy Volunteers
        Daniela Roesch-Ely, Stephan Weiland, Hans Scheffel, Markus Schwaninger, Hans-Peter Hundemer, Thomas Kolter, and Matthias Weisbrod
        612 Inherited Auditory-Cortical Dysfunction in Twin Pairs Discordant for Schizophrenia
        Jyrki Ahveninen, Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Daria Osipova, Matti O. Huttunen, Risto J. Ilmoniemi, Jaakko Kaprio, Jouko Lönnqvist, Marko Manninen, Satu Pakarinen, Sebastian Therman, Risto Näätänen, and Tyrone D. Cannon
        621 Frontal Dopamine D2/3 Receptor Binding in Drug-Naive First-Episode Schizophrenic Patients Correlates with Positive Psychotic Symptoms and Gender
        Birte Y. Glenthoj, Torben Mackeprang, Claus Svarer, Hans Rasmussen, Lars H. Pinborg, Lars Friberg, William Baaré, Ralf Hemmingsen, and Charlotte Videbaek
        630 Acute D2/D3 Dopaminergic Agonism but Chronic D2/D3 Antagonism Prevents NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity
        Nuri B. Farber, Brian Nemmers, and Kevin K. Noguchi
        639 Subchronic Phencyclidine Treatment Decreases the Number of Dendritic Spine Synapses in the Rat Prefrontal Cortex
        Tibor Hajszan, Csaba Leranth, and Robert H. Roth
        645 Glycine Transporter I Inhibitor, N-methylglycine (Sarcosine), Added to Clozapine for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
        Hsien-Yuan Lane, Chieh-Liang Huang, Po-Lun Wu, Yi-Ching Liu, Yue-Cune Chang, Pao-Yen Lin, Po-Wei Chen, and Guochuan Tsai
        650 Critical Factors in Gene Expression in Postmortem Human Brain: Focus on Studies in Schizophrenia
        Barbara K. Lipska, Amy Deep-Soboslay, Cynthia Shannon Weickert, Thomas M. Hyde, Catherine E. Martin, Mary M. Herman, and Joel E. Kleinman

        Brief Report

        659 Region Specific Regulation of NR1 in Rhesus Monkeys Following Chronic Antipsychotic Drug Administration
        Joann A. O’Connor, Wendy Hasenkamp, Brian M. Horman, E. Chris Muly, and Scott E. Hemby


        663 COMT Association Data in Schizophrenia: New Caveats
        Philipp G. Sand, Peter Eichhammer, Berthold Langguth, and Göran Hajak
        664 Reply
        Jin-Bo Fan, Niu-Fan Gu, Guo-Yin Feng, David St.Clair, and Lin He


        666 Errata

        On the Internet

        667 Full text or abstracts of the following articles, which are currently “in press” in Biological Psychiatry, are available on our website now…