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Schizophrenic subjects show aberrant fMRI activation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia during working memory performance


      Background: Working memory (WM) deficits in schizophrenia have been associated with dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) dysfunction in neuroimaging studies. We previously found increased DLPFC activation in schizophrenic versus normal subjects during WM performance (
      • Manoach D.S
      • Press D.Z
      • Thangaraj V
      • et al.
      Schizophrenic subjects activate dorsolateral prefrontal cortex during a working memory task as measured by fMRI.
      ). We now have investigated whether schizophrenic subjects recruit different brain regions, particularly the basal ganglia and thalamus, components of frontostriatal circuitry thought to mediate WM.
      Methods: We examined regional brain activation in nine normal and nine schizophrenic subjects during WM performance using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Subjects performed a modified version of the Sternberg Item Recognition Paradigm that included a monetary reward for correct responses. We compared high and low WM load conditions to each other and to a non-WM baseline condition. We examined activation in both individual subjects and averaged group data.
      Results: Relative to normal subjects, schizophrenic subjects exhibited deficient WM performance, at least an equal magnitude of right DLPFC activation, significantly greater left DLPFC activation, and increased spatial heterogeneity of DLPFC activation. Furthermore, only the schizophrenic group activated the basal ganglia and thalamus, even when matched for task performance with the normal group.
      Conclusions: Aberrant WM performance and brain activation in schizophrenia may reflect dysfunction of frontostriatal circuitry that subserves WM. Future studies will elucidate the contribution of the anatomical components of this circuitry to WM deficits.


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