Research Article| Volume 22, ISSUE 6, P699-709, June 1987

Performance of chronic schizophrenics on matched word and design recall tasks

  • Avraham Calev
    Address reprint requests to Dr. Avraham Calev, Jerusalem Mental Health Center-Ezrath Nashim, P.O.B. 140, Jerusalem, Israel.
    From the Jerusalem Mental Health Center-Ezrath Nashim and the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
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  • Yaacov Korin
    From the Jerusalem Mental Health Center-Ezrath Nashim and the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
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  • Sol Kugelmass
    From the Jerusalem Mental Health Center-Ezrath Nashim and the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
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  • Bernard Lerer
    From the Jerusalem Mental Health Center-Ezrath Nashim and the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
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      Matched word and design recall tasks were constructed and used to assess the performance of chronic schizophrenics on neuroleptics alone and on both neuroleptic and anticholinergic drugs. The two groups of patients performed at an equally low level on both tasks, without evidence for a differential deficit. The tasks did, however, evoke a differential deficit in clustering performance for designs as opposed to words. Although clustering, which is based on recall, is not necessarily as well matched for words and designs as recall itself, this result suggests a lateralized dysfunction in brain structures related to use of mnemonic organization at retrieval.
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