Research Article| Volume 20, ISSUE 5, P467-478, May 1985

Vitamin B6, magnesium, and combined B6-Mg: Therapeutic effects in childhood autism

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      This article reports the behavioral, biochemical, and electrophysiological effects of four therapeutic crossed-sequential double-blind trials with 60 autistic children: Trial A— vitamin B6 plus magnesium/magnesium; Trial B—vitamin B6 plus magnesium; Trial C— magnesium; and Trial D—vitamin B6. Therapeutic effects were controlled using behavior rating scales, urinary excretion of homovanillic acid (HVA), and evoked potential (EP) recordings. The behavioral improvement observed with the combination vitamin B6-magnesium was associated with significant modifications of both biochemical and electrophysiological parameters: the urinary HVA excretion decreased, and EP amplitude and morphology seemed to be normalized. These changes were not observed when either vitamin B6 or magnesium was administered alone.
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